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Cycling In Garhwal

Mountain bikking or cycling at Garhwal: This particular cycling tour in Indian Himalayas, will take you to Himalayan state of Uttarankhand, this trip is a mixture of Adventure & visiting some of the most prominent Himalayan pilgrimage spot of the country. During the trip we will take you through the wildlife tresure of india at Corbett National park, which is true tiger country. From Mandakhal and Pauri one can see the largest range of the Snow caped mountain peaks of Indian Himalaya. The breath taking view of Trishuli, Jonli-I & II, Dropadi ka Danda, Keadar Dom, Kedar Parvat, Chaukhamba, Neel Kanth, Dronagiri, Kuber, Hathi Peak, Ghori Peak, Chung Bung and many unnamed peaks. We will also explore cycling along the Ganges to witness the attachment & lifestyle along the most respected river in the world. In this trip we will be having breaks at some of the breathtaking spots with 180 degree view of majestic Himalayas. Places on the way of this tour are Delhi, Corbet National Park, Thalisan, Mandakhal, pauri, Deo Prayag, Rishikesh.

Garhwal is always one of the prime destinations for adventure seeking people around the world. It offers some of most adventurous safari tours like wildlife safari tours in national parks like Rajaji National park and motor biking and Jeep safari tours on the high and tough terrain of Garhwal Himalayas.

Biking holidays in Garhwal & Kumaon. Planned routes in the foothills, the central and upper Himalayas which pass through regions of perfect wilderness and sometimes along trails crowded with culture. A typical bike ride with us takes you through beautiful Himalayan landscape from one place to the other, where you may camp in deep jungle or stay in a high mountain lodge. You can do a weeklong cycling trip or try it on a weekend break. If you get a thrill out of doing things on your own, body fuel is your preferred choice of energy on your next Himalayan safari.Hi-tech mountain bikes (21 speed gears), trained Professional instructors and meticulously planned itineraries. Choose your tracks, create your speed, be aware of your body and the Silence as you paddle. Are you inspired?

Mountain Biking some of the best experiences that a cyclist looks for. Rigorous sweating sessions are rewarded by beautiful sights of mountain peaks and deep gorges, of thick forests, and occasional glimpses of wildlife scurrying across the route.